Bowfishing – guided Wyoming trips presented by:  Startlight Bowfishing (a division of Lewis Outdoor Adventures LLC) is proud to be on the forefront of the future’s most action packed outdoor adventure, BOWFISHING!  Bowfishing is really starting to gain popularity and Colorado Bowfishing Association is working closely to promote the sport by offering many tournaments and securing special opportunities for those interested in the sport.

We also offer many other awesome guided bowfishing packages for Glendo and Boysen reservoirs.

The sport of bowfishing is action packed!  It’s so much fun kids, families and couples can enjoy it a good portion of the year and DAY or NIGHT!!!

Our boats are setup with special lighting to get you into the fish even at night and believe us, this is one of the best times!!  No water skiing to make waves, the wind is calm and the fish are lit up and ready for your arrow under our lights!!

NASP (national archery in schools program) certified instructors and have taken countless students out bowfishing in Wyoming!!  

BOWFISHING PRICE:  $250 PER PERSON / PER TRIP (4 hours), MINIMUM 2 SHOOTERS (additional hours $50 per shooter).